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Gail Brubaker is a career martial artist. He has studied fighting for more than forty (40) years. His accreditations include receiving black belts and teaching licenses from world-renowned martial arts masters of various oriental fighting arts. He is a first generation black belt of the late Ed Parker and a personal student of Pai Jing Lung. Also, he has trained with such notables as Albert Ye and others.

Mr. Brubaker is currently teaching at World Gym in Fort Lauderdale, The American Kenpo Karate Association studio in Boca Raton, and the Holy Cross Zachariah Wellness Pavilion in Fort Lauderdale.

Mr. Brubaker is considered an authority on the fighting arts. His diverse teaching carear includes:
  • owning and operating his own martial arts studio for many years
  • teaching at numerous area health clubs; such as Golds Gym and Lady of America
  • being the Chi-Kung Instructor at Imperial Point Hospital for the hospital Wellness Program
As most in the martial arts industry are aware - many people become great practitioners, but few are able to become great teachers. Mr. Brubaker is one of those rare individuals. One who is able to bridge the gap between concepts that seem foreign - making them understandable to the Western mind. He is recognized by his students and peers as an exceptional teacher, for he possesses that unique ability to make the student comfortable with the intricacies of the techniques.

Due to his unique position as both and exceptional martial artist and instructor, his expertise has been utilized by various law enforcement and private security agencies whom have contracted with him to design various restraint and compliance programs.

Other notable highlights to his vast martial arts career include:

  • being a published author both here in the U.S. and in the Orient
  • fighting in over one hundred (100) karate tournaments, boxing, and/or tough man contests
  • working as a boxing referee and coach
  • working as a bodyguard and private security agent for many notables and dignitaries

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